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women cultivate more peace, confidence, and joy in their everyday lives.

Whitney Nordvold

Do you struggle with...

  • regulating your emotions and responses to triggers?

  • people pleasing or setting healthy boundaries?

  • letting your critical inner voice get the best of you?

  • feeling stuck and unable to make decisions about how to move forward?

  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

  • communicating what you need and want out of life?

  • turmoil about your cultural background?

  • the long term effects of generational trauma?

Do you desire...

  • a better understanding of your true self and the confidence to be that person?

  • increased inner peace?

  • more compassion and acceptance for yourself and others?

  • the ability to set better boundaries and stick to them?

  • improved relationships with the people you care about?

  • a safe space to feel truly seen and heard?

  • increased ability to communicate your needs and have them be met?

  • to get ahead of burnout and take better care of your mind, body, and spirit?

  • a deeper connection to your culture and ancestral lineage?

healing women

If you said yes, I got your back, sister!

What do I do?

As an inner healing life coach, I  work with women to dig deep with curiosity into their beliefs, behaviors, past experiences, and desires for the future in order to heal their mind, body, and spirit. My style intertwines coaching, somatic healing, and breathwork, which empowers my clients to step into radical self-acceptance and embodiment of their most authentic self. My coaching method is versatile and client-led, wherein my role is not to be an expert or advise, but rather act as a guide and mirror, allowing the clients words, feelings, and physical sensations to lead the way to breakthrough.


While I specialize in working with Indigenous women, my services are available to ALL women. Click the button below, scroll to the bottom, and send me a message. I'll get right back to you with my availability. 

What are customers saying?


Amy, Somatic Archeology Client

"I recently engaged in a somatic session with Whitney to work through a particularly tough season. I was struggling to identify emotions, regulate my nervous system and had chest pain all the time. Whitney gently guided me through a series of exercises on a journey back to trauma I didn’t realize was still affecting me. It was incredibly healing and I ended the session free from emotional and physical pain. I can’t say enough good things about how that session went and how safe I felt the entire time. I highly recommend Whitney’s coaching services!


Airryn, Coaching Client

Working with Whitney was AMAZING! I felt like Whitney took me on a journey of self-awareness and empowerment guided by a loving sister/family member who only wanted what was best for me. She helped me work on goals that I never even knew that I wanted to work on. She helped me to break down these invisible barriers that I had put up for myself. This allowed me to claim my personal power and become a better version of myself. Because of her, I figured out how to better manage my time and how to focus on my own seIf-improvement and growth areas. I learned so much from Whitney. She listened to me and taught me how to listen to myself and my own inner voice. She has opened up my mind to a new perspective on my own life and reminded me that I am my own hero.  If you are stuck in a rut and need that little extra push or you need guidance to get your life in order… Please, please do not hesitate to reach out to Whitney Nordvold. You won’t regret it!


Sara, Coaching Client

My coaching time with Whitney was LIFE CHANGING! She helped me uncover things about myself that I didn't even know yet, things that were holding me back from succeeding in life! She encouraged and lifted me up every step of the way and I looked forward to our weekly chats! She also helped me map out a plan for making real tangible change and progress in my life which completely kick started an entire learning and growing phase in my life that I'm still working through! I truly believe that if I hadn't said yes to God's leading I would be in a much worse place today! Thank you Whitney for loving, encouraging, and believing in me!

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