Welcome, friend. 


Hey! I don't believe it is by accident that you are here and I am so glad you finally made it!


If this is our first time meeting, my name is Whitney and I would like to say Cante’ Waste’ Nape ciyuzapi Ksto/lo – I greet you with a warm heart and handshake. I am a certified coach, seasoned community development consultant, veteran cosmetologist, and life long student. I am passionate about helping people and organizations by partnering with them to unlock the intrinsic power they have to solve their own problems.


I cannot wait to get to know you!

Hair Wash

Personal and Professional
Trauma and Growth Coaching 

As a trauma coach, Whitney works with people to dig deep with curiosity into their beliefs, behaviors, and past experiences in order to heal their mind, body, and spirit. Her style  intertwines coaching, somatic healing, and breathwork, which empowers her clients to step into fearless self-acceptance and embodiment of their most authentic self. Her coaching method is versatile and client-led, wherein her role is not to be an expert or advise, but rather act as a guide and mirror, allowing the clients words, feelings, and physical sensations to lead the way to breakthrough.


Whitney offers individual/organizational coaching, somatic healing, and retreat services. 

NAtive American Organizational Consulting

Whitney is a first-generation college graduate, having earned a B.S. in Sociology and American Indian Studies from Black Hills State University, due to graduate with her Masters of Social Work from University of South Dakota in 2024. She has spent over a decade working in the Native American community development field where she has taught, coached, mentored, and provided technical assistance to individuals, non-profits, and programs from all over the Great Plains and beyond. She has worked with many communities in the areas of mental health, economic development, community based health promotion, program planning/implementation, and more.