Whitney's Story

Whitney is a woman of European-American and Lakota heritage, as a proud member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, with roots deep in the Great Plains of South Dakota, where she was born and raised in the world of ranching and horse racing, surrounded by her father and step-father’s culturally diverse extended families. In 2011, she became a first-generation college graduate and earned a B.S. in Sociology and American Indian Studies from Black Hills State University. That degree led her into the Native American community development field where has been coaching, mentoring, and providing technical assistance to individuals and a wide-variety of Native American led non-profits and programs for over a decade. She has built a strong knowledge base in the areas of economic development, community-based chronic disease prevention, social-emotional learning, and program planning and implementation.


Enter Coaching...

In 2014, Whitney found her life feeling stagnant and stuck. While searching for ways to care for and return to herself, God led her to a biblical physical health program and eventually a fitness community that helped her get her joy back and change the trajectory of her life. Friends and family started to reach out and ask for support as a result of her personal transformation, which organically birthed a life-coaching practice supporting women to overcome emotional and spiritual barriers. Whitney went on to become a Certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching trained by the Christian Coaching School


As a growth coach, Whitney specializes in working with women who have tried it all, but are still feeling stuck in their life and are determined to do the good hard work of self-discovery and healing. Her goal as a coach is to partner with and empower her clients to step into fearless self-acceptance  and embodiment of the most authentic possible version of themself. Her coaching method is versatile and client-led, wherein her role is not to be an expert or advise, but rather act as a guide and mirror, allowing the clients words, feelings, and physical sensations to lead the way to breakthrough, clarity, and healing. She offers individual/organizational coaching, somatic healing, and retreat services. 


Whitney considers herself a life-long student and loves to invest her time and energy in learning all there is to learn about trauma recovery and spiritual/physical/emotional health. She is currently a student of the Historical Trauma Master Class trained by Dr. Ruby Gibson and Freedom Lodge staff. In addition to raising her three sons and three daughters with her rodeo cowboy husband, she enjoys being an active member of River Center Church, taking care of her 30+ house plants, spending time with her dogs (Jade and Parrott), walking/hiking, gardening, and spending time with and hosting her large extended family.